Harkness Heroes

In honour of Glenn’s 33 years of dedicated service to BGC and the Hamilton community, we invite you to become a Harkness Hero in support of the Club’s active living programs!

As an avid sports enthusiast, Glenn is a lover of all things that get us moving. Whether it’s running a marathon in the North Pole or going for a swim at the Club, Glenn has always been a champion for physical activity, recognizing it’s critical to one’s health and well-being – which is probably why you always see him with a smile on his face!

At BGC Hamilton-Halton, we want to keep his legacy going by raising funds for our active living programs through the Harkness Heroes campaign. We welcome you to join us in providing opportunities for our community’s youth to learn about the importance of physical activity and nutrition, all while making new friends and moving their bodies!

Funds raised will support:

  • Let’s Get Moving,
  • Cool Moves,
  • Dance,
  • Girls Fit,
  • Gymnastics,
  • HopON Bike Safety,
  • Jr. NBA,
  • Multisport,
  • Softball,
  • Soccer,
  • Swimming,
  • …and more!