JDCC DeGroote Fundraising for BGCHH

JDC Central (JDCC) is Canada’s largest undergraduate business school competition, bringing together over 700 student delegations annually. An integral component of this competition is charity and community engagement. The JDCC McMaster University DeGroote delegation is a team of 45 eager students looking to meaningfully engage with our community.

The JDCC DeGroote team is organizing a silent auction event on December 1st and are hoping to raise $10,000 for BGC Hamilton-Halton! JDCC DeGroote understands how crucial role models can be to a child’s life, which is why they’ve chosen BGC for their most ambitious fundraising initiative yet.

Please consider supporting JDCC DeGroote in reaching this goal. Your donation will help create life-changing opportunities for children across Hamilton and Halton.

Since the start of the school year, the DeGroote team has volunteered with over a dozen organizations and raised more than $13,000 for various charities!