Youth & Education

We know that when we engage youth, we make a big impact on their lives. As an organization, we are committed to creating spaces and opportunities that support youth to reach their potential.

Middle School Programs:

ABACUS: Advancing Post-Secondary Access

ABACUS is funded through the Hamilton Community Foundation. The program focuses on improving the academic, community and environmental factors that most directly affect a student’s likelihood of continuing his or her education. The goal of the program is to improve high school graduation rates and access to post-secondary education, including trades and apprenticeship opportunities, by focusing on the middle-school years: Grades 6, 7, 8 and transition to 9. Students in ABACUS will participate in activities under the four pillars of the program which are: Academic Upskilling, Mentorship, Goal Setting and Incentives.

Grades 6-8

Giant Steps

Giant Steps offers opportunities for young people to complete homework in a supportive environment, and also offers them the chance to learn about opportunities for further education or career guidance. Through Giant Steps, youth build knowledge and skills not only in academics but also in communication and leadership.

Grades 6-8

Take it Easy

Take It EASY (Empowerment and Self-Esteem for Youth) is a program that addresses the complex issues facing young people. The program aims to foster self-esteem and confidence in teens and pre-teens so they can make better decisions when dealing with the challenges they face. The program tackles the sensitive topics of self-esteem, gender and body image, sexuality, and violence.

Ages 11-14

High School Programs:

Athletic Development

Intensive athletic development program for racialized youth who wish to become high-level, competitive athletes. This program addresses well-documented systemic barriers faced by racialized youth in pursuing elite athletics and aims to provide an accessible, intensive training experience for student athletes. Combining an intensive physical regime with mentorship, psychosocial supports and scholarship incentives. We are deeply committed to evidence-based, community-engaged programming to promote success for young, racialized athletes.

Program is in partnership with Steel Town Athletic Club.

Ages 14-18

Raise the Grade

A multi-faceted education program, Raise the Grade increases academic skills, high school graduation rates, and access to post-secondary education for youth. It is an interactive after-school program that allows young people to explore their personal interests, receive homework support, connect with mentors and/or tutors, interact with peers, increase their digital literacy, and plan for post-secondary education.

Grades 9-12


The objective of the LeadUP project is to provide youth with opportunities to engage in service and volunteering initiatives that will address community needs and allow youth to develop life and employment skills as well as self-confidence and leadership abilities.

Grades 8-12

UPS Road Code

This state-of-the-art, interactive program is supported by the UPS Foundation and uses a combination of classroom instruction and virtual driving simulators to teach teens the safe driving code used by all UPS drivers. This program is offered once a month and is designed to prepare youth for road safety.

Ages 13-18

School Cents

School Cents is a series of interactive, online learning modules where teens can learn about the costs and benefits of post-secondary education and the availability of student financial aid—all while increasing their financial education skills and planning for success.

Ages 15 – 18


CareerLaunch is a pre-employment program that gives youth an opportunity to develop vital pre-employment skills, access job hunting resources, discover how to align their interests with a future career, and explore a range of career options.

Ages 13-18

Flex Your Head

Flex Your Head was developed to help youth think about, talk about, and understand issues of mental health and wellness within a safe, fun, and welcoming environment. In an active, peer-based format, youth are given the knowledge, skills, and strategies to cope with stress and distress and promote positive mental health and wellness. 

Ages 13+

Youth Leading Reconciliation

The Youth Leading Reconciliation project engages youth in youth-led gatherings focused on engaging Indigenous and non-Indigenous youth in shared learning and dialogue about Truth and Reconciliation.

Ages 13-24

To learn more, please contact Rebekah Clause.

Old Navy ON the Job

Old Navy’s ON the Job #ONward program empowers the next generation with the real-world skills, training and jobs to make a difference in our communities and continue on a path forward to a brighter future. Their partnership with BGC Canada focuses on programs and activities that promote service to community, leadership, workforce training and first job opportunities in meaningful and fun ways for thousands of youth across the country.

Centre Mall Youth Space

A chill, engaging space, and programs specially programmed for high school age youth! Youth Drop-In programming varies from cards, board games, arts, video games, movies & more!

Grades 9-12

Best Buy Grade 10 Scholarships

In partnership with Boys & Girls Clubs of Canada and Best Buy Canada, we are pleased to offer assistance in helping youth apply to the Best Buy Grade 10 scholarship. This opportunity is eligible for Club members in grade 10 to support their successful completion of high school and enrolment in post-secondary education.

Community Connections for Youth

The Community Connections Program for youth provides services to newcomers to encourage social, cultural and professional interactions to help them in their settlement journey to Canada. This is a registered program for Permanent Residents and Government Assisted Refugees.

Ages 15-24

To learn more, please contact Rebekah Clause.